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Privacy Policy

Welcome to KTA Recruiting, a website owned and operated by FTH Enterprises, LLC. We are a 100% family owned business with the goal of connecting college athletic recruits with college coaches. Throughout this policy we will refer to “KTA Recruiting,” “FTH Enterprises, LLC,” “,” and all other forms of the company name as “Company,” or “the Company,” or “our Company.”

By using our website you signify that you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. Make sure you read this document, as well as the Terms and Conditions thoroughly so as to understand your rights, responsibilities, limitations of liability, exclusions, and policies.

This Privacy Policy may be modified at any time without notice by the Company. Be sure to frequently review this document.

“Personal data” refers to information about our client athletes and coaches that is specifically identifiable to them. These items may include (but are not limited to): Photos, name, academic scores, physical dimensions, school information, personal contact details, family/coach’s contact information, hobbies/other activities, college selection priorities, recruiting criteria, physical address, date of birth, home city/state, and other similar concepts. “Non-personal data” refers to information which is not personally identifiable to you specifically. These items of data would include (but is not limited to), your IP address, your browser, type of operating system, how you came to the website, what pages you visit on our website, how long you spend on them, your language, your general location, and other similar items. These will not be attributed to you by name, only to your IP address if available.

Your Personal Data
Our Company knows that the trust our athletes put in our service will determine our success. With all reasonable skill we will endeavor to protect the personal information you provide to us through our website. You should be aware that transmissions over the internet, no matter how well protected, can never be 100% secure. If you feel that your data has been violated in any way you should contact us immediately at 1-360-854-8971 or We will attempt with all reasonable skills to rectify the problem and prevent future problems. Again, we know that trust is a cornerstone of our Company.

How Your Personal Data is Used
First and foremost your personal data is used to further the goal of our site, which is to connect athletes and coaches. Information about athletes is shared with verified college coaches, and coach information is shared with athletes whom the coach has viewed. The athlete personal information can be used by college coaches to search through and discover recruits who fit the needed criteria. Overall we may use your personal information to provide our services to you, send you correspondence and newsletters, update you on our products and services, inform you about the services of our partners and affiliates, and conduct financial transactions with you. Collegiate governing bodies requesting to see our database will be provided with access on the same level as a college coach.

How We Will Collect Personal Data From You
At different times we may ask you through our website to enter personal data. You can choose whether or not to enter this data but you may not be able to access certain sections or features of the website. Our service is based on the creation of athlete and coach profiles, and to complete this function the collection of personal data is fundamental. We may also ask for contact and payment information, which will only be used for appropriate purposes, and will only be shared on a need to know basis with our third party payment processing company. You may also sign up to receive newsletters from us by indicating as such on your profile creation page or from general pages on our website. You can cancel to delivery of these newsletters at any time by selecting the link on the individual email or by contacting us directly. We will remove you from the appropriate list with reasonable skill and speed.

How Your Non-Personal Data is Collected and Used
This information will be automatically collected by our software system and attributed to your IP address without your name attached. This will be used for statistical purposes and reviews of how to improve the services we provide and the performance of our site. Our servers are located in the USA and by using our site you agree to automatically provide this non-personal data and transfer it to the USA. You understand that certain laws in the USA allow for the courts to request and obtain access this data.

At times we may use “cookies” to improve the way our site interacts with you and your browsing/viewing habits. Cookies are commonly used small pieces of code placed on your computer.

Children 13 and Under
Our company does not believe that children at or under the age of 13 should be using our site. We do not intend for them to be users, do not intentionally advertise to them, and will remove any personal data they submit if we discover it.

California Residents and S.B. 568
Minors who are residents of the state of California may request that their personally identifiable information be cleared from the website at anytime. You may contact us using the "Contact Us" section on the navigation bar and choosing a method by which to reach us at your convenience. We will clear your data as quickly as we reasonably can, and value your privacy as a cornerstone of our business.

Third Party Websites
At times we may place links on our website to third party sites. We do not endorse, monitor, or warrant these websites, their privacy policies, or whether they are free from viruses. Visit them and provide information to them at your own risk. You should review the privacy policy of any site you visit before using it.

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