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Junior College Athletes

Three football players breaking the huddle.College coaches from all levels want to sign players who are mature, experienced, and ready to compete. Junior College athletes have spent years training and honing their talents while also spending an extra year or more playing at the college level. These athletes are in high demand.

As a Junior College athlete you’ve been through the college selection process at least once before. Now you’re looking for the next challenge and want to find a four-year program to compete for. You are surrounded by resources to help you along this path and you should likely start with your coaches. Your eligibility situation should be one of the first things you want to clarify, followed by their expert evaluation of what divisions of college sport you’d be best suited for. This will help you focus on schools that will be most appropriate for you.

Female soccer player with a ball.With your performances as a college athlete as your resume you need to find a way to put yourself out there so you can be noticed. Understand that there are many junior colleges, all with many athletes for recruiters to sort through.

Our site is designed to specifically help athletes like you connect with college coaches. We’ll allow coaches from across the country to see your highlights and complete profile. This will help you increase your odds of landing the scholarships you want and maximize your options.

Choosing the right school for you is another matter. We’ve dedicated a whole section to helping you begin on the right foot. When creating a profile on KTA Recruiting we have you list your priorities, ranked by what you feel are the most important. During the recruiting process you’ll have many people giving you their opinion on your college selection and pulling you in different directions. You want to retain your own personal priorities, without having them unreasonably influenced by the well-meaning people around you. 

From all of us here at KTA Recruiting, we wish you the best of luck in your recruitment process!