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High School Students

College coaches want to build programs with outstanding high school seniors. While transfers from Junior Colleges and other NCAA or NAIA schools can inject a quick dose of mature talent, but athletes fresh from high school can provide at least four years of contribution to the team. They serve as a program’s core.

As a high school athlete you are the primary source of new recruits for most programs. You’ve spent many years focused on honing your athletic talents while working hard in the classroom. You’re nearing your opportunity to make the leap into college. While there are a range of college divisions at this next level, all of them are only for the most disciplined and talented athletes. Coaches want to know that you are passionate about your sport. They want competitive athletes who will help the program win.

Male soccer player standing by goal.Something we believe every athlete should do once they make the decision to enter the recruiting process is examine their college selection priorities. We encourage you to create a checklist of your most important considerations for choosing a school. During the recruiting process you’ll have all sorts of well-meaning people giving you their opinions about your college decision. Odds are that the these people want the best for you, but every college coach who’s recruiting you is being paid to sign you. Their job isn’t to find the school that fits best for you. So take the time to think about your priorities before the process gets going. It will allow you to stay grounded in your values. We include this as part of our profile creation process for all athletes here at KTA Recruiting.

Female lacrosse player standing by net.Depending on your sport, there are between hundreds of thousands to millions of high school athletes out there for coaches to sort through. You need to stand out to be noticed. Being a talented player shows everyone who watches you what you can do, but how will those college coaches from out of your area know to come find you? Your high school coach can help you by contacting coaches on your behalf, and going to camps and combines can get you seen by the coaches who come, but ultimately you want to find a more comprehensive solution.

Our service allows coaches from across the country to find you. They can watch your highlights, see your complete profile, and begin recruiting you. You’ll know who viewed your profile and when they saw it. Plus you’ll know when they add you to their Recruiting Board. These are the little things that matter. Coaches look at many athletes so it’s important to give you the option to contact them immediately after they’ve seen your profile so you’re still fresh in their mind. A simple email note can make a big difference.

Once coaches begin to contact you it will be important to keep a detailed list of who is recruiting you. Do your research. Make notes on schools and read up on the coaches. You want to ask tough questions and let them know you are serious about making a decision.
We wish you the best in your recruiting process!