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First off, thank you for serving our country. You were the reason why we developed this site in the first place; to give deserving individuals an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to connect with college coaches and declare his or her desire to return to sports.

Male lacrosse player with helmet on.You may be asking yourself, “Am I getting too old to be considered by college coaches?” An athlete does not reach his/her potential for peak performance until after “normal” college years anyway. Look at players like Brandon Weedon, who came back to college after years of playing baseball. He graduated from college and was drafted to the NFL at the age of 28. Any coach that sees that you have talent will take it for what it is: talent, with the additional assurance that you are a person with discipline, maturity, and a trained ability to handle stress.

You are truly in the driver’s seat when it comes to your college recruiting and selection process. Because of your military service you will be able to access a large number of grants and most schools will offer automatic bonuses toward delivering you academic scholarships and financial aid. This is a great topic to bring up when a coach calls you. Make sure to have the coach research exactly what his/her school can offer so you can compare with others.

Female sprinter leaving blocks.When it comes to athletic scholarships, there are many traits college coaches are looking for in a potential athlete. They need to have outstanding passion for the game, excellent instinctual athleticism, great discipline, and high quality character.

College coaches are always looking. While some divisions have specific designated no contact periods, the recruitment process is a year round endeavor. When they find talent, it goes on the board. Here at KTA Recruiting, we’ve developed a system for college coaches to search specifically for athletes like you; someone they know will have the discipline, mental toughness, and maturity to compete. We’ll give you the tools and resources you need to handle the recruiting process.